Cardan Air Conditioning are a Wakefield based Air Conditioning company set up to supply high quality air conditioning products to the Wakefield and West Yorkshire region. Cardan Air Conditioning offer air conditioning design, installation and maintenance services from Cardan's team of highly qualified engineers. Cardan can help you decide which air conditioning system will be best suited to you and your business. Cardan engineers will visit you and design an air conditioning system tailored to your needs. For more information on Cardan's air conditioning products and services please explore the website Home Click here for details of Cardan Air Conditioning design service. Click here for details of Cardan Air Conditioning maintenance service. Click here for testimonials from Cardan Air Conditioning's satisfied customers. Click here to contact Cardan Air Conditioning. Cardan Air Conditioning, Wakefield, West Yorkshire


Don't be. We offer the full package. We can carry out regular checks on your system to make sure it's in peak performance at all times.

If you do experience a fault, we'll be out straight away, minimising disruption to staff and customers, returning you to your comfortable environment quickly and without delay.
Computer Services Consultants (UK) Ltd.

"We have always been highly satisfied with the work Cardan has done for CSC. They respond efficiently to calls and provide good service"
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